Professionalism, rigor, perfection

If I had to define the work that Marcela Solari does as a Realtor, I would do it in three words: Professionalism, Rigor, Perfection. We put all our trust in her for this sale, and she has exceeded our expectations, which are very high. Her levels of rigor for the house to look perfect and for the showings to be conducted in an orderly and efficient manner, made all the difference, compared to other realtors we met in previous experiences. She pays attention to every detail, so that everything is perfect, essential to conduct an efficient sale in every way. From the moment that the house was on the market, we were informed in detail of all showings that were requested, including reviews and other useful information to consider. Once the house was under contract, we also were each day, in detail, on how things were progressing. Her detailed knowledge of the documentation with which we were working, along with her experience, made everything easier, thanks to her explanations and wise advice. For any problem, she always tries to find the most appropriate solution, and she involves herself trying to help you solving it effectively. During the selling process, she is very efficient in coordinating and managing a large group of people involved in the sale (Title Company, Appraisal Company, Realtors, Inspectors, etc.) All of this together makes her work of high quality, done with care, and very professional. In addition, Marcela Solari has three important aspects to add: her Spanish proficiency, her optimism, and her big smile.

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